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The 5 Hottest NBA Wags

Who doesn’t know about the NBA? The National Basketball Association which is known to change people’s lives by fame and fortune. You can say that football is the most popular sport in the world, but there’s one another sport which runs at par, nose to nose, with its popularity. Yes, the NBA!

Every player who once in his life plays basketball dreams of becoming the part of NBA one day. And why not? Everyone wants to reach the maximum point of their selected career. Apart from the money and the glory there is one more thing which the NBA brings. The flings, the girlfriends, and in some cases the wives. Beautiful women is one of the other aspects you get when you are an NBA star.

So let’s checkout the five hottest NBA wags that are there on the scene. We are sure that you are going to be totally jealous!

1. Gabrielle Union – Dwayne Wade’s Wife

Dwayne Wade's wife Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is not just Dwayne Wade’s gorgeous wife, but she has made a name for herself also in her acting career. She is a famous American actress known for her role in teen comedy film Bring it On. She is also known for her roles in movies like The Brothers, Deliver Us from Eva, Daddy’s Little Girls, Think Like a Man, and Think Like a Man Too.

Born and brought up in Omaha, Nebraska, this 43 years old actress was raised as a Catholic. An unfortunate incident in her childhood, she was raped at the age of 19. Later the culprit was caught and was sentenced to 33 years in prison. She says that growing up she had self-esteem issues as she believed that only blonde women are beautiful and she cannot be like her. But later she learned to love herself the way she is and appreciated that she is a beautiful lady as well. Well, we also believe the same for this brave lady.

Gabrielle and Dwayne met in 2009 and dated for a while. Then they had to part their ways because of Wade’s career . They met again in 2013, and found out that they were still in love with each other. The couple got engaged in December 2013, and later got married in August 2014. She is now a stepmother to Wade’s sons, Xavier, Zaire, and Zion.

2. Dylan Gonzalez  – Anthony Davis’s Ex-Girlfriend

Anthony Davis's girlfriend Dylan Gonzalez

Dylan is also a basketball player and she plays for University Nevada, Los Angeles. She has an equally hot twin sister Dakota Gonzalez. She was born on December 9, 1994 in Pocatello, Idaho. Apart from playing Basketball, she is majoring in business. Due to her stunning figure and fitness schedule, she has a thousands of followers on Instagram too. She is an equally good player of Volleyball and loves everything related to sports. Dylan was a 2013 McDonald’s All-American nominee for her high school, Highland High. She was ranked #85 in the country’s Top 150 by the All-Star Girls’ Report.

Dylan loves to sing and posts singing videos of herself on YouTube regularly. Dylan and Anthony started dating in 2013 and dated for few months. It is still yet unknown that why the couple broke up. We don’t know the reason, we hope that both of them are rocking their single lives now!


3. Kehlani Parrish – Kyrie Irving’s Wife

Kyrie Irving's wife

Kehlani is a well known name in the music industry as well, apart from being Kyrie’s Irvin wife. She is an R&B Singer and a songwriter, known for her records, You Should Be Here and Cloud 19.

Kehlani has always had a very hard life even before Kehlani met Kyrie Irving, but things in her life began to turn around the more she was with her basketball beau. The two have always been close and has made their presence known not just in the public eye, but also on social media as well.

But once, due to rumors on Social Media of her being not good enough for Kyrie and she being unfaithful to him, she came dangerously close to killing herself. She could not bear the shame and the lies that the various people were spreading and slit her wrists with a knife. Luckily she survived and then with the help of Kyrie, managed to get her life together. Kyrie believes that she is a bit of a superwoman given her history. He loves her all the more which makes her feel even more special than ever.


4. Savannah Brinson – LeBron James’s Wife


LeBron James's wife

This beautiful lady is married to the great player LeBron James since 2013. James and Savannah have known each other since they were teens and were together in high school.

Savannah is always with LeBron; they have shown the world that they are the ultimate relationship idols. She has always known what it meant to stand by her husband as he went from basketball champion to basketball pro, she has been there for him from the beginning. Savannah has never been afraid of the spotlight as long as LeBron James was by her side.

She is a supportive lady and has always been known to stand by her husband’s side. The couple has three children, LeBron James Jr., Bryce Maximus, and Zhuri James. She is a proud mother and a caring wife. She also owns a Juice Bar in Florida.


5. Valerie Cooke – Roy Hibbert’s Wife

Roy Hibbert's Wife Valerie Cooke

Valerie Cooke is the lady of the house for Roy Hibbert. The couple got engaged in 2012 and took their wedding vows in September 2014. They first met at Georgetown and have been dating ever since.

Cooke is a a Project Manager and has a degree in Marketing and International Business. She has also worked at Blue Flame, LLC., an event management company in Norwalk, Connecticut.

The couple came in news when Valerie’s name was linked to Paul George, when an internet website posted a story around the same. Valerie was very upset because of this and told Roy about it. Later the website said they don’t have any legit proof about the accuracy of the story, but the word had spread till then. Roy later tweeted on Twitter that all this is rubbish and said that people who believe in these rumors are ignorant.

That’s the kind of trust a man should have on his woman!


What do you think our top 5 picks? Do you agree with them or do you think there are even more beautiful NBA wags that we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments.

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